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This website was already a work in progress. Now that the world is shifting fast, it is even more of one. I'm starting online classes to help people stay grounded, present, and connected in this moment of crisis. More coming soon. Please subscribe to my newsletter for more info. Sending out love and positive thoughts....




Living for most of the last 15 years in Italy was my path to finding the way to freedom, creativity and new possibilities. 

I began studying Italian in 1996 as a "pleasure" when I was home with three children, dealing with strains in my marriage, and managing the care for both of my parents, who had long term health problems. In 2004, I was invited to Milan to teach business to Italian university students and stayed.

From there, I started a journey of healing and transformation that liberated me from years of crippling back pain. I learned to relax and ground through disciplines such as the 5Rhythms®, yoga, yoga nidra and meditation, but also through a deep dive into the pleasures of Italian food, wine and culture.  


Speaking fluent Italian, I became a certified wine sommelier. For years, I traveled around Italy to meet artisan winegrowers and write about their organic, biodynamic and natural wines on a site, Uncorked In Italy, that I created myself.


I'm still (and will forever be) on my creative journey, but I'm now ready to give back—empower others to live into their full creative potential by learning to slow down to experience beauty, joy, and ease in daily life, break up old patterns, trust their own inner voice, see new possibilities, and take an occasional (terrifying) leap of faith into the unknown.



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