Classes,Workshops and Retreats

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Come to your senses in 

classes, workshops and retreats

in the US and abroad including:

- 5Rhythms®

- Yoga

-Yoga Nidra

- Guided Meditation

- Mantra Meditation

- Silent Meditation

-Being in Nature

- Learning about Italy

and more...


Come To Your Senses

What would it be like to give yourself permission to slow down? to soften? to feel what you are feeling? to come home to yourself?

For years, even decades, I pushed myself to go harder, to be better, to move at a relentless pace. By the time I was forty, I hit a brick wall of debilitating back pain, stress, and anxiety that eventually led me to divorce. 

My path to healing involved giving myself permission to "come to my senses"—to return to my breath, to presence, to playfulness, and, eventually, to the pleasures of living in Italy.

I'm now beginning share what I've learned and continue to learn from my teachers and in my own practices. 


Online Courses

Coming soon...

Online courses will include:

- weekly online meetings

- inspirational readings

- audio recordings to listen to on your own

- movement options


Private Coaching

Coming soon in 2020...

Eleanor is offering private coaching to work individually with clients.

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