Classes,Workshops and Retreats

Coming soon in 2020...

Explore your own creativity in classes, workshops and retreats

in the US and abroad including:

- 5Rhythms®

- Yoga

-Yoga Nidra

- Guided Meditation

- Mantra Meditation

- Silent Meditation

and more...


Moves Into Creativity

Are you ready to

unleash the full power of your

intuition and imagination?

New neuroscience has shown that the human species has a unique capacity for creativity. It fires up when billions of neurons in our incredibly adaptive and flexible brains juxtapose bits and pieces of what we already know and have already experienced into wildly new configurations.

To open creative pathways, we need to:

- get grounded

- break up old patterns

- try new movements/perspectives

- trust in our own intuitive wisdom

- release fear of embarrassment/failure

- take the leap(s) of faith needed to change

- stay present in turbulence

- open to the joy of adventure


Online Courses

Coming soon...

Starting in 2020, online courses will include:

- weekly online meetings

- inspirational readings

- audio recordings of guided meditations to do on your own

- movement options


Private Coaching

Coming soon in 2020...

Eleanor is offering private coaching to work individually with clients.

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